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Lakeside Aviation Services offers a choice of planes to match your needs. Whether it be flight training or charter, you can choose from single and multiengine landplanes, or floatplanes. Our single engine Cessna 206 can transport 5 passengers or 1000lbs of cargo. We have a long history of aviation excellence.

Scroll down to see photos and more details and call us for a quote on your next charter. We specialize in charters to the communities.

Aircraft Charter Services to and from destinations like Poplar River and Berens River

With our experienced pilots we provide aircraft charter services on short notice from our bases at Gimli and Pine Dock Manitoba. You can choose landplanes or floatplanes and we are on your schedule! We offer you service to the communities with our mini airliner: The Britten Norman Islander twin engine passenger shuttle. It can take 9 passengers or 2000lbs of cargo. The versatile single engine Cessna 206 (5 leather seats and capable of flying 1000 lbs of cargo), the speedy twin engine Beech 95 Travel Air, and the legendary Norseman Float plane. Scroll down to see photos of our fleet.

Charter Aircraft in Manitoba
Our Cessna 206 is ready for charters to the communities

The versatile Norseman can drop you off on a secluded lake or river for the trip of a lifetime

The lakes of Manitoba await you…

Call us to talk about your next hunting, fishing, or canoe trip. We own a rustic wilderness lodge that may be just what you need.

Our Cessna 206 floatplane is ideally positioned in Central Manitoba to shuttle up to 5 passengers or haul 1000 lbs of cargo to and from Northern communities. We also have the twin engine Beech 95 and the 95 can take 3 passengers or up to 800 lbs of cargo. Lakeside Aviation Services provides aircraft charter to places like Berens River, Poplar River, Little Grand Rapids, Island Lake, Norway House and Winnipeg.

The Beech 95 combines twin engine reliability with speed to get you there quickly

If a float plane is what you need we have the rugged and reliable Noordyne Norseman or Cessna 206 available for charters. It’s your opportunity to fly in a legendary Canadian aircraft and reach remote lakes for canoeing or fishing. It is also a good choice for reaching remote communities with cargo or passengers. The Norseman can take up to 6 passengers or cargo to the destination of your choice. Think of the possibilities – canoeing, hiking, moose hunting…. your imagination is the limit! We also operate our own wilderness lodge at Bennet Lake. You can see photos on the lodge website at bennettlakelodge.ca Lakeside Aviation will also be adding a Stinson floatplane for training soon. Call for more details!

Within easy reach of both Winnipeg and Northern communities like Poplar River, Little Grand Rapids, and Berens River, Lakeside Aviation is ideally situated to fulfill your charter aviation needs. Our aircraft is available for quick response so give us a call to get a quote on your next charter.

Lakeside Aviation’s charter operation specializes in both cargo and passenger transport and we have great experience in bush flying. With a cargo pod our Cessna 206 aircraft transports 1000lbs of goods at a speedy 225 km/hr, and is equally efficient and economical in passenger configuration with comfortable leather seats.

The Cessna 206 is ideal for passengers or cargo and is equipped with a cargo pod and baggage door

Our Norseman Float Plane for cargo or passengers. This legendary machine will take you and your canoe to your adventure.

Lakeside Aviation also has a flight school at Gimli Manitoba that is well equipped for flight training students from both the Winnipeg Manitoba area and international students from all over the world. The school is thriving with more aircraft being added to the fleet to accomodate the growing demand for pilot training. The Cessna 150 is used for single engine training, and the speedy IFR equipped Beech Travelair is used for multi-engine training. Students enjoy the benefits of living in a pleasant beachside community.

In the summer and fall Lakeside also conducts float training and owns its own wilderness lodge at Bennett Lake Manitoba. Bennett Lake is a rustic lodge with fantastic canoeing, fishing, and other wilderness opportunities associated with it. With no roads in it’s a great way to get away from it all on the trip of a lifetime. You will fly there in our Norseman floatplane with our most experienced pilot to begin the wilderness adventure you’ve always dreamed of.

The Pine Dock base is equipped with a warehouse that can be used as a staging point for supplying Northern communities with cargo or medical equipment. The base is equipped with a Jet Fuel tank and a concrete pad on the ramp in addition to a heated terminal with washrooms.

From our Youtube channel you can see the type of flying we sometimes do flying to remote airstrips like Princess Harbour Manitoba.

Landing our Cessna 206 at Princess Harbour Manitoba

The Pine Dock airport is equipped with a warehouse and is ideally located to both store and transport groceries and other cargo to isolated locations in Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. Lakeside owns the Pine Dock Airport and operates out of its 4000 ft runway. Our Cessna 206 is equipped with a cargo pod for extra cargo storage space. The aircraft has leather seats for passenger transport, and in cargo configuration it can carry a hefty 1000 lb load.

Comfortable Leather Seats in Cessna 206 Charter Aircraft

Our Pine Dock base also has both 100LL and Jet Fuel for sale to meet your operational needs. In addition we have hangar space rental available at our Gimli headquarters for the Winnipeg Manitoba area.

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cessna 206 charter aircraft Pine Dock Manitoba
Our Cessna 206 on the Pad at our Pine Dock Base

Flight Training in Gimli Manitoba

Lakeside Flight School

If you are looking for flight training to get your own aviation career started we can help you with that too. At our company owned hangar and headquarters at the Gimli Airport we conduct flight training operations using Cessna aircraft there and also make use of a flight simulator to prepare students for their lesson plans. The Gimli Airport has a 6800 foot long runway which gives fantastic and safe experience for new students, and is ideally located close to suitable training areas. With our competitive rates on aircraft rental the result is that you will save money on getting your pilot licenses.

Lakeside Flight School offers training for private through commercial licenses, and students can train for ratings such as instrument, night, multi-engine, instructor, and even float endorsements. A Piper Stinson is used for the float endorsement, and speedy Beech 95 Travelair multi-engine aircraft is used for multi instrument rating trainng.

Flight Simulator Training Facilities

Student Pilot

The flight school conducts flight training for people from all over the world.

You can also phone the Gimli office at +1(888)642-4799 to speak with our staff about your flight training needs.

Cessna 206 Charter Aircraft
Charter Cessna 206 Aircraft in Manitoba
Cessna 206 with Cargo Pod available for on demand charter in Manitoba

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